Air Traffic Services

1. Responsible Service

The Air Traffic Services Division of Papua New Guinea Air Services Limited is the responsible authority for the provision of air traffic services within the area indicated under paragraph 2 below.

2. Area of Responsibility

Air traffic services are provided for the entire territory of Papua New Guinea, including its territorial waters as well as the airspace over the high seas within the Port Moresby Flight Information Region (FIR).

3. Types of Service

The following types of services are provided:

  • Aerodrome Control Service;
  • Area Control Service;
  • Approach Control Service;
  • Aerodrome Flight Information Service
  • Alerting Service
  • Any other air traffic service considered by the Division to be necessary or desirable for the safe and efficient operation of the civil aviation system in Papua New Guinea.

4. Air Traffic Services Units

The Services are provided at the following Air Traffic Services Control Towers

  • PORT MORESBY (Jacksons Control Tower)
    Area Control Centre, Radar, Tower, Flight Information Service, International Radio
    Approach, Tower
    Tower, Flight Information Service

About Us

PNG Air Services limited, is a State Aviation Entity (SAE) which started its operations in 2008. Its primary business is to provide Air Navigation Services to the domestic and international airline operators who use PNG air space. Read more...