Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)

The Aeronautical Information Service section of the Air Traffic Services Division of PNG Air Services Limited ensures the flow of information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international and national air navigation within the Port Moresby Flight Information Region.

It consists of the AIS Administration, Publication Section, the International NOTAM Office (NOF) and the Cartography Sections. The AIS HQ, Publication and Cartography sections are located on Level 1 of the Jacksons ATC Tower, East of Port Moresby (Jacksons Airport) Terminal, 8 Mile, while The NOTAM Office (NOF) is located on Level 2 of the Jacksons ATC Tower.



The aeronautical information is provided in the form of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package consisting of the following elements:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and its Amendment service;
  • AIP Supplement (AIP SUP);
  • NOTAM and Pre-Flight information Bulletins (PIB)
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)
  • Checklists and Monthly NOTAM Summaries.

All these and other elements of the package are also available here on our website.

The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP)

The AIP is the basic aeronautical information document containing information of a lasting character essential to air operations.


The PNG AIP and the PNG AIP Flight Supplement books are available and on sale at the PNG Air Services Limited, AIS HQ on ATS level 1, Monday to Friday between 8:30AM – 4:30PM.

The cost of the PNG AIP Book is K100.00 and the AIP Flight Supplement is K120.00, inclusive of a 12 month amendment service. The amendment service fee will be renewable on an annual basis for the cost of K100.00.

For enquiries contact the Supervisor Publications on the following;

Tel: +675 312 1528




NOTAM Service

NOTAM intended for the Port Moresby FIR are issued by the Port Moresby NOF and distributed by telecommunications. They are mainly for the notification of temporary information of timely significance, unforseen changes in service abilities or any emergency situation.

Checklists and Monthly NOTAM Summaries      

NOTAM and monthly checklists are issued via the Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS), while PIB’s are distributed electronically and also made available at aerodrome ATS units and the NOTAM Office (NOF).

Furthermore, Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB’s), Monthly NOTAM Summaries, AIP Supplements and Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC’s) are also posted here on our website.


The PNG Air Services Limited of Papua New Guinea provides a range of aeronautical maps and charts for use in civil aviation for the area covered by the Port Moresby FIR and for certain parts of adjacent FIRs.

Aeronautical Maps and Chart series available

The following series of aeronautical charts are produced:

  • Instrument Approach and Landing Charts (IALs)
  • Enroute Chart;
  • Visual Terminal Charts;
  • Aerodromes/Communication Chart;

Availability and Sale of Charts

Aeronautical Charts are available on sale and can be purchased from the NOTAM Office (NOF). For enquiries contact the Supervisor Publications on the following;

Tel    : +675 312 1528

Fax   : +675 3250749


 The prices for each type of chart available for sale are as follows:-

  • ERC                      - K25.00
  • VTC                      - K25.00
  • AD/COM                - K25.00



Availability and Sale of Charts in Australia

Our exclusive supplier of Papua New Guinea Aeronautical Charts in Australia is;

The Aviator Store

Hanger 1 Qantas Ave Archerfield,
Queensland, 4108,
Australia T. 07 3272 9267 P. PO Box 259 Archerfield BC QLD 4108

Visit the website:

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