Training & Standards

Who are We?

 PNGASL ATS Training and Standardisation Section manages;

  • initial, refresher and cross-training of ATS Officers,
  • ATS licensing records,
  • periodic checking of ATS officer performance and,
  • standardisation of ATS practices and procedures


What we do at the ATS Training Centre?


Our courses cover ATS assistant, Flight Service and Air Traffic controller (Area and Terminal) roles. With the introduction of our new 3D Tower simulator we will also begin delivery of an Aerodrome Controller course.

Courses involve both theory, practical and on-the-job training components. We ensure that all of our courses are competency based, so that trainees entering the operational areas have demonstrated that they are capable of providing a safe Air Traffic Service.

It will usually take 2 - 3 years for a new recruit to develop sufficient skills to become a licensed Air Traffic Services Officer in PNGASL.

Selection of Trainees.

PNGASL periodically advertises ATS officer training opportunities via the usual media sources. The selection process is rigorous and only the highest quality candidates are selected.

A high-school or University education, with a focus on Mathematics, Physics and English are some of the key criteria we look for when recruiting for Air Traffic Services. Candidates must also demonstrate a strong work ethic and be capable of independent decisions.


Air Traffic Services must be provided according to the rules laid down in PNG Law. These rules are published in operational manuals and must be adhered to by PNGASL ATS personnel.

It is the role of the Standardisation team to ensure that these rules continue to be fit-for-purpose and that our staff apply them consistently and correctly.

To achieve this we have a team of experienced ATS officers whose role it is to monitor our service delivery and to conduct periodic performance checks on all our ATS operational staff.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of PNG (CASA PNG), issues licences to ATS staff that have completed the necessary training and demonstrated the necessary skills to provide a safe Air Traffic Service. It is the PNGASL standardisation team's responsibility to ensure that these ATS officers continue to meet the legal requirements of their licence.

This involves the maintenance of the periodic checking regime, aviation medical checks and other training/skills mandated by CASA PNG.


English Language Proficiency Testing

PNG Air Services has partnered with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) to conduct English Language Proficiency (ELP) Testing through RMIT’s RELTA System which is one of the two ICAO recognized and approved testing systems in the world. 

Apart from testing its own Air Traffic Controllers, PNGASL is able to conduct ELP testing of pilots for the broader PNG aviation industry. 

To arrange a quote for ELP testing, contact the Executive Manager ATS on:

Phone: +675 3121521


About Us

PNG Air Services limited, is a State Aviation Entity (SAE) which started its operations in 2008. Its primary business is to provide Air Navigation Services to the domestic and international airline operators who use PNG air space. Read more...