Maintenance & Engineering Services

The Maintenance and Engineering Services (MES) of PNGASL which comes under Engineering Services Divisions (ES) provides support function of providing and maintaining all communication, navigation and surveillance system for air traffic purpose to the air traffic controller. It is made up of four (4) sub divisions. They are: Communications, Navigational Aids and Surveillance, Mechanical and Air-Condition and the Power Systems. They work together to make sure there is no minimum downtime experienced by the air traffic controllers that provide the services to the airliners both locally and internationally. Below is a brief description of these sub divisions:

  1. Communications:  the communications unit covers the VHF, HF, VSAT, network diagrams, console equipments, IPVPN set up and all infrastructures that support both Data and Voice Communications.  
  2. Navigational Aids and Surveillance: Navigational aids cover the equipments like DVOR, DME, NDB, PAPI, AWOS and the ILS. They are used mainly for the safe navigation of the aircrafts travelling to and from.
  3. Mechanical and Air-Condition: they take care of mechanical problems of generators, service and repair of new gensets and air-condition systems.
  4. Power Systems: they cover basic power supplies, batteries, solar systems and genset back-up. They ensure that these are all up and running to support the daily operations.

Below are some of latest installation delivered under MES by our dedicated engineers and technicians.

AMHS (above) which stands for Aeronautical Message Handling System is a ground- ground communication systems used for the transmission of flight plans and metrological data. 

AWOS- (above) stands for Automated Weather Observation System which is located on level (2) of the tower building. Is shows weather information on the displays: wind speed and direction, temperature, and etc… to the air traffic controllers. 

One of the recently installed back-up generators outside the Control Tower building. 

The Picture above shows the DVOR up at one of our sites at James Hill.

The SSR radar at Radar Hill – it detects and measures the position of aircrafts, range and bearing, and also additional information such as identity and altitude which is displayed on the screens to the controllers. 

One of the Senior Communication Technicians running the new cables for the new HF antennas in the equipment room. 

All in all, the MES (maintenance and engineering) team makes sure that all PNGASLs equipments and facilities are up and running to support daily operational needs and also meet new technical challenges.  

About Us

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