Air Safety Goes High Tech

1st March 2017


Papua New Guinea Air Services Ltd (PNGASL) and the Australian government will build a Global Navigation Satellite System to improve safety and reliability of aircraft landing at major airports in the country.


The project funded by the Australian government for K8.1 million through the Transport Support Sector Program was launched in Port Moresby on Friday.


Managing director and chief executive officer of PNGASL Captain Ted Pakii said the navigation system (GNSS) was a milestone achievement for the aviation industry in PNG.


“The project marks a significant leap forward in the provision of air navigation services in PNG where PNGASL will now be using advanced technology to enhance the safety of flight operations throughout PNG’s airspace,” he said.


Pakii said transition from ground-based navigation system to a satellite-based navigation system would greatly improve the reliability and accuracy that is lacking.


“We began our journey back in 2012 and outlined a roadmap to strategically modernize every aspect of our business, which includes modernizing our communication system, our navigation system and our infrastructure, and most importantly the safety and security of our people and our airspace,” he said.


“That will produce a new instrument approach charts and enable satellite-based navigation at up to 45 airports and airstrips throughout PNG, greatly improving safety, security and air traffic management in the country.


“It will give much-needed reliability for departure, landing and help reduce aircraft emissions and fuel costs by enabling improved and more efficient flight paths,” Pakii said


Pakii said the satellite-based technology would remove issues related to ground based navigational aids.


“Issues such as land ownership risk, unreliable service provides and vandalism and we need cooperation from our project stakeholders to successfully implement this project,” he said.


Pakii thanked the Australian government for the funds.


Australian High Commission Minister Counsellor Benedict David, said the Australian government is pleased that this investment will align PNG’s aviation sector with international standards and support significantly safer skies.


“The project is also expected to reduce business costs for airlines and increase the competitiveness of the domestic aviation industry”.


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